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 Banshee ohne Hintergrund




The woman from the fairy-hills ….. her cry could bring death: “If the Banshee loves the ones she calls, then her song is a slow, gentle vocal which, although proclaiming the proximity of death, does so with tenderness which calms the dying and comforts the survivors. “Some people say that her cry is in fact the call of the diver “.

The diver is a bird dedicated to the moon goddess, Luna.


 Sonnenstier ohne Hintergrund

Taurus of Sun”

The myth of the Greek father of the gods, Zeus, who transformed himself into in a bull in order to kidnap the king’s daughter, Europa, is but one example of many male gods from ancient times who incarnated themselves as bulls.

The Cretan cult of the bull is one example, with its king, Minos: A moon bull (the horns being reminiscent of lunar crescents) was sacrificed in his stead. The Egyptian redeemer Osiris was revered in the form of a bull as Apis Osiris, whilst Egypt’s moon bull was slaughtered annually by way forgiveness for the sins of the empire.

2004_Sonnenstier ohne Hintergrund








DSC01658- ohne Hintergrund

Welsh virgin goddess of the spring, who was made of flower buds…

61 cm height ceramic figure constructed in a concave manner, which was burnt to a 24-carat gold glimmer effect by the third round of burning.

Wingspan: 85 cm, I have produced (one) with Tiffany work. Opalescent glass was used there.





idun ohne Hintergrund





Blancheflur-ohne Hintergrundgoddessart-Blancheflur

Blancheflur, “White flower”, the lily-girl of the Celtic Initiation rite, which showed the virginal aspect of the great Goddess. The Celtic narratives say that Blancheflur Holy Fool has received in Faerie. Before it was converted to Catholic purgation by the erudite monk.

Ceramic sculpture was constructed in a concave manner. H:60 cm, Burnt thrice and seen with glimmer effect.

Wingspan: 90 cm, the fabric skin of the wings consists of silver-plated wires and various white pearls. 

feenbaum ohne Hintergrund

“Fairy Tree”

The 75 cm ceramic sculpture shows a while fairy-like figure, which appears to rise to a tree but it enrooted with it. It is the soul, guardian and vigor of this tree, which crops many crystal fruits and shines with all glittering colours.

The ceramic was constructed by me in a concave manner, burnt thrice with iris glitter effect. Then I applied Opalescent glass plates, in colours iridescent pink and blue. The fruits consist of honed crystal glass.






 Halcyon-ohne Hintergrund

Plinius reported that the Halcyon or kingfisher seldom appears and then too only for the winter and summer solstice time and during the downfall of the Pleiades. A most likely proof that he was originally a manifestation of the moon goddess, who was honored at both the solstice times alternatively as goddess of the life and the death.



The lion was often the symbol of the sun god in Greece and Rome. However it is associated usually with the goddess in Middle East and Egypt.

Ishtar, Astarte and Kybele rode and controlled lions. Kybele (is) described as follows in one story: “The damsel in her heavenly city rides on the lions, (is) bearer of grains, inventor of statute, founder of cities, by whose gift people have the kindhearted fortune to know the gods, hence who is the mother of gods; the peace, the virtue, the life and ordinance are weighed in her pan scale.”

My lion is 43 cm high and 39 cm long. The ceramic figure was constructed in a concave manner and acquired the 24-carat gold glitter effect during third burning.


goddessart-Lilienjungfrau ohne Hintergrund








goddessart-Frühlingselfe ohne Hintergrund





goddessart-vogelnest ohne Hintergrund