• Goddess Statues


“Homage to the Minoan Snake Goddess”


The Ceramic Sculpture is 185 cm high, consists of 3 parts

(burned 3 times) .



180 cm, 3 parts



175 cm, 3 parts 


This Goddess-Sculpture (with antler  1,80m) I have made for the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.

with Kathy Jones in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple

Kathy Jones writes about the Lady of Avalon:

From time immemorial Glastonbury, The magical Isle of Avalon, has been home to an ancient and powerful Goddess known as the Lady of Avalon. She is Nolava of the Sacred Land, Goddess of Compassion, Healing and Transformation. She appears in the myths and legends of this place in the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens. The most famous of whom was Morgen la Fey, the faerie half-sister to King Arthur. She is remembered as Maiden Bridie, Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is the Great Mother Madron or Modron.  She can be seen on misty mornings in the form of Rhiannon, the White Mare from the Seas.  She is the Old Woman, the Crone of Avalon stirring Her Cauldron of Transformation of Creativity, Death and Rebirth.She is the Lady of the Lake Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells.



“Mother Hulda (Frau Holle)”


Her name means the
Every child in our land knows her storys : As Queen of Heaven, she rules over the elements, the weather, the seasons. The Teutons told each other that the sun shines when she combs her hair; the world is shrouded in fog when she is cooking; it rains when she washes her veils and snow falls when she shakes out her beds. At the same time, people worship in her the goodness of Mother Earth and the Radiant light of Heaven. Holla also lives in the caves as Hel, the earth goddess, inside the mountain. Fountains, ponds and springs lead to their realm in the Underworld. The Goddess was worshiped and celebrated in these holy places.

Marija Gimbutas names Hulda (or Holda, Holla, Holle) as having originally been an ancient Germanic supreme goddess who predates most of the Germanic pantheon, including deities such as Odin, Thor, Freya, and Loki, continuing traditions of pre-Indo-European Neolithic Europe.[6]
As Christianity slowly replaced Scandinavian paganism during the Early Middle Ages, many of the old customs were gradually lost or assimilated into Christian tradition. By the end of the High Middle Ages, Scandinavian paganism was almost completely marginalized and blended into rural folklore, in which the character of Frau Hulda eventually survived.

My Goddess Ceramic Sculpture has a Radiant Wreath of Elder flowers (made of glass) and also on the body I have integrated Elder flowers (5 leaves) and Fruits everywhere. The golden Apple in her hand also shows her as Guardian of the sacred Apple Orchard (like some other Goddesses too).


Ceramic sculpture 180cm, painted, glazed, fired 3 times

I have always been fascinated by the legend of the Grail and Cerridwen’s cauldron may be an inspiration or manifestation of the Holy Grail…
The green Chalice(body) of mother earth, who nourishes us and from her all life arises and returns to her and begins anew…



The Ceramic Sculpture is 180 cm high, consists of 3 parts



The Ceramic Statue is 175cm high.
I shaped nine different flowers (as described in the myths):

Primrose, Broom, Meadow-Sweet, Cockle, Bean, Nettle, Oak, Thorn, Chestnut


Freya is the mother of the Vanen who ruled before the arrival of Odin and the Asen:Goddess of love, fertility, the moon, the sea … ..
ya wears a necklace, Brisingamen. it is set with amber, shines like fire and symbolizes the sun. And she has a falcon robe with which she can glide through the air.
The Sculpture is 180cm high

“Sun Goddess”

The Celts called their Sun Goddess SULIS, in Germania she was called SUNNA, in Norway SOL, and in Britain she was found on Silburv Hill, the famous artificial mountain in the areaAvebury Barrow.In Austria, this function came closest to Borbeth, one of the three Bethen.
This ceramic sculpture is 190 cm high, made of clay in two parts, and I fired it three times.

” Noreia”

The ceramic sculpture is 130 cm high, constructed in two parts from clay. It was fired three times.This  statue is on loan to the Noreia temple in Vienna.