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Homage to the Minoan Snake Goddess



Schlangengöttin ohne Hintergrund 1





























The Ceramic Sculpture is 185 cm high, consists of 3 parts(burned 3 times), Arms and Panther are to attach individually(screws).































goddessart-snakegoddess2 ohne hintergrund













 goddessart-Lady of AvalonLady of Avalon ohne Hintergrund.png2














goddessart-kathy jones














with Kathy Jones in the

Glastonbury Goddess Temple












This Goddess-Sculpture (with antler  1,80m) I have made for the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.

 Kathy Jones writes about the Lady of Avalon:

From time immemorial Glastonbury, The magical Isle of Avalon, has been home to an ancient and powerful Goddess known as the Lady of Avalon. She is Nolava of the Sacred Land, Goddess of Compassion, Healing and Transformation. She appears in the myths and legends of this place in the Sisterhood of the Nine Morgens. The most famous of whom was Morgen la Fey, the faerie half-sister to King Arthur. She is remembered as Maiden Bridie, Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is the Great Mother Madron or Modron.  She can be seen on misty mornings in the form of Rhiannon, the White Mare from the Seas.  She is the Old Woman, the Crone of Avalon stirring Her Cauldron of Transformation of Creativity, Death and Rebirth.She is the Lady of the Lake Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells.



goddessart-Lady of Avalon3   Lady of Avalon ohne Hintergrund






































The Ceramic Statue is 175cm high.
I shaped nine different flowers (as described in the myths):

Primrose, Broom, Meadow-Sweet, Cockle, Bean, Nettle, Oak, Thorn, Chestnut

 goddessart-Blodeuwedd ohne Hintergrund1

 Blodeuwedd 4








































Blodeuwedd ohne Hintergrund bBlodeuwedd 2














This 175 cm statue is on loan to the “Tempio della Grande Dea” in Rome.

 Aphrodite ohne Hintergrund 1goddessart-aphrodite2goddessart-aphrodite4



goddessart-mayawith Maya Vassallo in the temple in Rome















 goddessart-white goddess White Goddess11



























goddessart-white goddess4 goddessart-white goddess3




































This Ceramic Statue is 180 cm high, constructed in three parts from clay. Price: 13.000€















                                “ BORBETH”


The Celts named their Sun Goddess SULIS, in Germania she was called SUNNA, and in Norway SOL. In Britain she was revered on Silbury Hill, the famous man-made mound within the Avebury megalithic site.

Here she bore the eons from her big womb-barrow which is almost 40 metres high and has a diameter of more than 160 metres.

In Austria, this sun form was the closest to Borbeth, one of three Bethen.

This ceramic sculpture is 187 cm high, constructed in two parts from clay. It was fired three times. On the third occasion, a wide variety of lustres were burned, including a 24-carat gold and a platinum lustre.

Price: 14.000 €

 Sonnengöttin ohne Hintergrund



 Noreia ohne Hintergrund.png2












This ceramic sculpture is 130 cm high, constructed in two parts from clay. It was fired three times.This  statue is on loan to the Noreia temple in Vienna.  




with Hildegard, Irene and Barbara in the Noreia Temple in Vienna














“Mother of the sea” the great fish borne by the gods….

I constructed this ceramic sculpture by hollowing, then fired it twice at a higher temperature so that it could also be used as an open-air fountain statue. (A fountain pipe is installed on its interior)

The fishtail and the headdress partly consist of ceramic mussels into which lustres were burned.

The other parts consist of a luxuriously worked glass mosaic made from blue and green opalescent glass.     165 cm   Price :  12.000 €







 Ostara ohnen Hintergrund


An Anglo-Saxon goddess: Ostara or Eostre . Her holy month was called Eastre-monath, the moon of the Eostre. Our Easter was an old spring festival of sacrifice, and is still dependent on the old lunar calendar – it falls on the Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.

My goddess is decorated with flowers and a lot of gold spirals – an old symbol of rebirth. Her head is crowned by a crescent, a mark of all ancient goddesses, because it reflects the female cycle.

I constructed this two-part, 135cm-tall ceramic sculpture by hollowing, then fired it three times. On the third firing I applied 24 carats of gold lustre. Price:  9500  €














goddessart- Ostara





The German Fairies of the Water are similar to the Greek “Nereides”.

In mediaeval times the same characteristics have been attributed to them like their close kinswomen, the mermaids, sirens, wilis and fairies of water:

They lured unfortunate sailors into the water and devoured their souls in a magical


The fishtail and headgear are partly composed of ceramic shells, burned in lustre.

The other parts are moulded in glass.





Cernunnos is the name of an old Celtic God.

He wears a golden antler and represents the male in Nature. He is a guardian and defender of the forest, his animals and of all other beings, of course.

I constructed this 95cm-tall ceramic sculpture by hollowing, fired it twice and glazed it. Price :  8500 €