Ma38 Halcyon





















My Halcyon“, 130 x 60cm










































TARA“, 100 x 70cm

Renowned name of primordial goddess Earth from India to Ireland.












VALA“, 100x70cm


Just as the Valkyries are obligated to ancient Vilen or Valen for the funeral ceremonies and they bring the souls to the realm of dead.








“Fairies Dance” 120 x 80cm


The traditional pagan gods and goddesses, tribal ancestors and priests of French, German and British folks are all transformed in “Feen” {fairies}. The Irishman and Welshman denominate the fairies as “Segen der Mutter” {Grace of mothers}. The fairy tale is regarded as the country of women.






“FAIRIES DREAM” 120 x80 cm


As per the beliefs of folks, fairies live in dense forests, where their secret holy groves were protected from intrusion.




” Morgane”,120 x 80cm


The celtic goddess of destiny or Morgane, “mirage” , the triple Morrigan or “Morgue La Faye”. Seldom, she was also a nine-fold goddess, the nine sisters, who were referred as “die Morgen” and dominated the fortunate islands in far West where the dead heroes are brought.






“BLODEUWEDD” , 100 x 70 cm


Greek authors remark one of the Pleiades Maia. Nevertheless, they are also regarded as the ancient goddess of May-Solemnity, the awakening and the rebirth.

Later, he was acknowledged as the sovereign of souls in the Orcus.




“DIANA” ,  100 x 70 cm


“Queen of heaven”, a Roman title of triple goddess as: 1.”Virgin of moon”, 2. “Mother of all creatures” and 3. “Huntress” .

She is referred as Artemis in classical period of Greek mythology. Her most renowned sanctuaries were in Ephesus and Nemi, the Sacred Grove.





“BROCELIANDE”,100 x 70 cm


The fairy forest in the Brittany, where Morgane Merlin was enchanted, therewith he magically fell asleep in a crystal cave or as others say beneath the sacred oak tree.

Broceliande was one of the “Mond-Haine” {Moon-Groves}, which was used until the renaissance period for worshipping the forest deities.