RHEA Diktynna

 Designation of the Great Mother RHEA in her function as legislative goddess.  From the mountain Dikte in Crete she gave her laws and “edicts” to the Minoan kings. The word dictation arises from the instructions on the mountain.




The Greek god of magic, enlightenment and medicine was well-known everywhere in Indo-European region.

The Greeks referred him as “Psychopompos”, who would escort or help the souls to find their way in the Orcus with its wand of mercury entwined by two serpents. This nickname was also called in many other religions and thus possesses more dominance over rebirth and reincarnation as the angelic father Zeus .

In the entire Greco-Roman region, the cross is protected by “hermen” , which symbolises the phallic spirit of Hermes. Hermen were either stone phallus or short stone piles, which are replaced by the wayside cross by the Christians.

The Saxons worshipped Hermes as the phallic spirit of Irminsul, the world pillar or the world tree, which was planted in soil in Mutterberg-Heresburg (mountain of Hera).

Even Thoth or Teutates was a name of Hermes-Mercury, naturally also Wotan. from the sky and enjoyed dancing alone on its waves.












The Pelagic creation myth:

In the beginning, Eurynome The Goddess of All Things, rose naked from the Chaos but found nothing substantial for her feet to rest upon and therefore separated the sea from the sky and enjoyed dancing alone on its waves.

She danced towards the south and the wind set in motion behind her seemed kind of new and one’s own with which the creation work could begin.

She just turned around and blocked this north wind by rubbing it between her hands.

And Lo and behold! It was the great serpent, the Ophion.

Eurynome danced wildly and wildly to feel the warmth until Ophion became lustful and then he entwined around her divine limbs and then moves further to accompany her. Now, the North wind, which is also referred as Boreas, fertilizes; which is why mares often turn their hind-quarters to the wind and breed foals without aid of stallion. So Eurynome likewise gave birth to the child.

Then she transformed herself into a bird. But not just any bird, she became dove and then balancing herself on the waves she laid the universal egg. Ophion squirmed seven times on this egg, until it got hatched and split in two. When this egg hatched, it was known to be creation of all plants and animals and sun, moon, planets, starts, the earth, mountains and rivers and also living creatures.





The Spinner”, the first Greek Fates or goddess of destiny who spun the threads of life.




Great mother of the Danes and many other folks e.g. the Dana, the Danaiden and for the Irish family of gods Tuatha De Danann {the folks of Goddess Dana}.

The Russians refer her as Dennista {Supreme of all gods}.

In the classical Greek mythology, she was Greek Princess Dana who was conceived by the golden shower of father of gods Zeus. She was the Dam-kina of Sumerian, the Dinah of Hebrew and the Danu or Dunnu of Babylonian.



A name of supreme Goddess RHEA of the ancient tribal of Southern Russia.